Road Trip!!

Had a great day out with two other photographers today, looking for owls and old buildings ... good combination huh!! :)

Only saw 2 owls, both were Snowy Owls ... had no idea how pretty they were.  However, didn`t get the greatest of shots of the Snowy Owls, but did get a great shot of of a male Merlin busily eat his breakfast.

That was a sparrow, we think!! 

Snowy Owl ... he was very very far away but I was so thrilled to see one in the wild that I took a few shots anyway.  

And not far up the road was a great set of old buildings!!

I love this shot for the simple sake that the moon had not yet set.  I will be posting more images over the weekend from this trip, just need to go through them first.  But so want to share these first two.

Thank you Laurie so much for Driving & Thank you Lynn for Coming along.  It was a great day out!!!  Looking forward to doing it again someday soon :)