Its A ... Its A ... Squirrel!! - February 10th

Well, it was one of those great days!!  Extremely pretty evening light just before sunset, you know that golden hour!!  Well, that golden hour is also when all the silly wonderful little creatures come for supper.  And well, did Mr. Squirrel find a great Big treat when he showed up that afternoon. 

He did try very hard to escape with his new found treasure but he just didnt make it very far, much to big to run and jump with.  So ended up sitting for several minutes on the opposite fence nibbling away!!

Nibble, Nibble!!!

Nibble!!  Hey, what ... you ... nibble ... looking at!!  Nibble, Nibble!!

What!! What!!  Is that a Cat!!!  Well, he aint gettin my piece of colorful bread!!  The Lady put it out for me not You!!  Nibble Nibble!!!

Dam!! I dropped it again!! 

And such the adventures of our dear little noisy, busy, pushy, begging little Mr. Squirrel.