The Stalking of the Chickadees at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary - February 4

Went out with a new found friend to see what we could see at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary a couple of weeks again.  And had the most amazing time!!!

When we first entered the park, there are a group of chickadees right there and waiting to see what we were up too!!  Curious little creatives, but so sweet!!  And of course at first, we didn't have anything to feed them, partly because you are really not suppose to.

But the further we went into the park, the guiltier they made us feel.  Because I am pretty sure they followed us all the way through the park, Stalking Us!!  "Hey, Ladies, We know you have Something!!!"

So we give in!!

Images by Kelly Mitchell
K's Photography & Creativity

Images By Candy Belliveau

Thank you Candy for getting me out of that house that day and for having the granola bars :)