I have photographed Jamilee a few years ago just after she graduated from high school and just recently asked her again to see and she said yes!!

We had great fun for an hour or so down at the newly reopened Devonian Gardens.  There were a few challenges but if there wasn't a couple then a shoot wouldn't be any fun, right!!  Light was one, forgot about the big ugly orange and green lights that turn subject rather sickly but I have learned over the years how to fix that, so I was quite happy with that.

Over the last few years, I have picked up the odd interesting prop along the way and I found these great feathered gloves and multi-colored beaded necklaces which are simple and can be creative with.

Also learned that "Hey, reflectors do Work!!"  Love the little extra bit of light and how pretty it made her eyes.

I think the green in the background makes for a neat back drop and looking forward to trying out the gardens again.

Jamille really rocked the hat too!!  Everyone thinks I am nuts when I put out the hats but I think they can be such fun!!! 

And we did feel a little silly with the tie, but I think it works here!!!  LoL :)

It was a great shoot and want to Thank Jamilee again for modelling for me and letting practice.  It was a good morning out!!!