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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Deane House Gardens

One of my favorite places to shot at any time of the year is the Deane House Gardens in Inglewood.  You have not only birds, people and flowers to shot but there house is an interesting structure as well.  There are always people wandering through and because you are so close to there river, there are many birds floating about.  The garden isn't very big but there are all sorts of flowers busy growing and it is always very well maintained.

Because spring has been so late in Calgary, the gardens are just starting to come alive however, the tulips are all out!  I love tulips, they are one of favorites flowers but they never last long enough for me!!

I love them in any color or size!!  These yellow ones were huge!!

There remind me of little trumpets, I was waiting to see if they were toot for me but no such luck!!

Just hiding among my green buddies, maybe they won't see me!!

I decide to wander a little ways down to Fort Calgary to see what was going on.  Monday being the holiday, and with the weather being perfect everyone was out and about!!

Including a few little feathered babies, I didnt get the greatest of shots but I was just thrilled to see them!!

The weather was just fine to check out the new walk way down pass Fort Calgary, the city has made some great new walk ways and viewing points along the river.  I think I will be heading down that way more enough to not only enjoy my surroundings but to shoot as well.

Folks at Fort Calgary were out busily working in the Historical Vegetable garden on Monday.

I was busily shooting the a cityscape while was down near the fort and someone was keeping a very close eye one me!!

There were some great clouds rolling through that day as well.  So I just had to kick out my wide angle to see what I could get!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Trees Next Door!!

Love springtime and all of the colors that can be found!!  I am very lucky that the neighbors, have some very colorful and beautiful trees that were just streaming "Take My Picture!!!"  And so I did.

These colors never last long enough for me, so you must enjoy them as long as they are there.  I really don't know what this is but the pink with the green, I think is just gorgeous!!

Neighbor also has a white blossom crab apple tree as well. Which is just breathe taking right now as well.

Will try and remember to take a few photos of the crab apples when they start to grow, during the summer months.

Looking forward to getting out there and do a little more exploring to see what else I might be able to find over the next few weeks.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Neighbourhood Characters

Its been ages again since I have blogged anything but I thought today I would share this one photos I shot a couple of weeks ago. 

He was just hangin' out after a very busy morning of stealing peanuts, hiding them and busy chasing off all of the other squirrels that come of peanuts.  It is a very tiring job, you know!!! 

Will start sharing more images and things over the next few weeks.  Looking forward to getting out and shooting as much as possible!!!