Out to do an Errand and Took my Camera!!

June 1, 2013

Had to do some errands this day and decided that I really needed to take my camera with me.  I was helping to get rid of garbage, yeah I know so exciting!!  However, the spot that we went had some great stuff to shoot and have wanted to do some shooting in this yard for ages.  And I just so can't wait to go back again with more time, never have enough time when there are so many things to look at and explore.

To gain access to this back yard, you had to go through a shop.  It was very dark but was able to get a couple of good shots off.  ISO was high however, gave me a chance to see how high I can push it with out loosing quantity.

Later on that day, we took my aunt out for supper and in here yard in Mckenzie Town I found this little guy hanging out!!