Out for a Sunday Drive

Brillant Blue Skies and some great scenery!!! Well, we were actually looking for old buildings and things and didn't find anything, however, it was still very much successful.

Headed out Country Hills Blvd and the first things that were spotted was a couple of Swainson Hawks and actually spotted several hawks through out the day!!

Couldn't get close enough but we actually happy to see them and did get a couple of shots anyway.

With the skies being so clear and blue, the ponds were very bright and blue, also ended up with some great reflections.

Along with way, spot some wildlife, very much by accident.  Found this little guy/gal, hanging out by the side of the road, I think, he or she thinks that we can see him/her!!

The canola fields were awesome!!  Nothing more beautiful then the yellow fields and the bright blue sky with the pretty little puffy white clouds.

Later on in the day, I went out again.  And found the following!!!