The Moon and the Plane!! ~ August 15th

Beautiful day here in Calgary, very warm and it does finally feel like summer.  Look out the window this evening, between catching up on emails and getting things organized for holidays and spotted the moon!!  It screamed "Take a Pic of Me, Please!!" And well, so I did.

Between the moon, the clouds and the blue sky, it was just a really cool image.

I, never one for missing a great shot, spotted the plane coming and just had to wait for it to get into the right spot.  However, he didn't stay for long so long got off a couple of shots that I really like.

He was very high already and makes me wonder, just where are you going tonight?  Somewhere, not far away and are we off to Australia.

I look out my window now and all of those clouds are just about gone again.  But I can't complain, I was able to create something very cool!!