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Monday, October 14, 2013

Charlottetown, Last Day, So Sad!! ~ October 14th

My last day in Charlottetown was on my own and enjoyed it muchly!!  I lounged around a bit and enjoy the slow morning with no rushing around and trying to get to the airport.

I decided to do a wander through some of the small side streets that I didn't venture down before.  I love all the doors around the city of Charlottetown and I couldn't resist getting a few photos.

Many of the places had pumpkin/autumn displays out in front of their homes.

The first street that I decided to go down was just behind the hotel, it has grabbed my attention the first night I was there and just didn't get a chance to go that way.  But I promised myself I would go before leaving and I did.

I found this place old stately home which has been turned in to a bed and breakfast, I so hope that the next time I go, I could stay there!!


This superb Pictureque villa is one of the finest homes built in pre-Confederation Canada.  It was constructed about 1839 for politician and administrator T.H. Haviland Sr. (1795-1867).  Basic to its design is the late 18th-century British fast for scenic composition of landscape and architecture. Here, the graceful bowed walls and extensive garden setting typical of the Picturesque style are wedded to the stately symmetry of classical design popular at the time in the Maritime Provinces.  A rare example of early brick construction on the Island, Fairholm retains much of its original interior.

One of my other "wants" while I was there was to get some interesting images of the leaves!!  Well, i found a few hahah :)

These images I made into cards and I do think they look really sharp :) haha

Walked by these fishes several times while I was staying at the Quality Inn and finally couldn't help myself and had to take at least one shot of them.  They are just neat!!

It was beautiful last day in Charlottetown and looking forward to heading out there again some day soon.  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Point Prim Lighthouse ~ October 13th

Built in 1845, the Point Prim Lighthouse the first and oldest lighthouse on Prince Edward Island and one of the only few round brick lighthouses in Canada.

Point Prim Lighthouse ~ http://pointprimlighthouse.com/

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Island's Finest Tour ~ October 12th

First off I want to Thank Mitch, our Tour Guide, he was awesome.  So full of great information!!

Look no further for the optimum tour that captures the beautiful scenery, coastal seashore and the patch work of the "Island".  Begin the day with a city tour in Canada's Birthplace!

View rolling farmlands, stunning seascapes, tiny villages and bustling harbours along the Green Gables Shore (scenic drive) as we get ready to tour the North Shore area.  Tour Green Gables House: this old farm site inspired L.M. Montgomery's novel, Anne of Green Gables published in 1908.  Prince Edward Island Preserve Company, located in one of Canada's prettiest villages is where we will stop for lunch!

Our next stop is sure to please all of the sense at Dune Studio & Gallery.  Explore the extensive gardens, views the collection of Canadian art and watch the ongoing pottery demonstrations.  On our journey back to Charlottetown, we will briefly stop Covehead Lighthouse and Dalvay by the Sea, a summer resort hotel since the 1930's.

North Rustico, PEI

Some great out fishing huts and houses and the light house at North Rustico.

The Blue Heron, giving me the evil eye.  He wasn't to impressed with me trying to follow him.  I got this one shot of him just before he flew away!!

Cavindish Beach & Bluffs - North Shore

Green Gables, Cavindish, PEI

Prince Edward Island Preserve Company @ New Glasgow

The Great Canadian Soap Company @ Oyster Bed, PEI

Dalvay by the Sea, Prince Edward Island National Park

Covehead Lighthouse

Friday, October 11, 2013

Confederation Bridge, PEI ~ October 11th

Ok, just a couple for this evening.  Went for a drive today and did make it to Confederation Bridge, which links PEI to the mainland.  Awesome site to see and along with the sunset made for a perfect evening!!

Found some really pretty colors out in the country side today!!

Really needed something to eat along the way, and decided to detour off to a little town called Victoria by the Sea!!  What a neat place!!

Tomorrows adventure is off the Anne of Green Gables and a Tour of the Island.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Covehead Harbour, Prince Edward Island National Park, PEI

One of the North Shore`s oldest fishing communities, many Covehead residents have preserved the traditional way of life through their devotion to a life on the sea. A short jaunt from the P.E.I. National Park makes Covehead a popular destination for many avid beachgoers while the brilliant scenery of the surrounding area reflects the timelessness exuded by so many Island locales. Offering deep-sea fishing and a number of other attractions, Covehead`s ties to its past aid in preserving a simpler way of life and contribute greatly to the charm of the region.

Covehead Lighthouse

There is a plaque on the side of Covehead Lighthouse describing the Yankee Gale, remembering the eighty ships and 161 men who perished in the savage 1851 storm.

The Gale of 1851
This terrible storm sprang up on the evening of Friday, October 3, 1851 and continued through the next two days, with tremendous winds, lashing the sea to fury, and torrential rain. It came up quite unexpectedly; the weather was warm for October, the sea calm and glassy, with no wind; but suddenly a heavy swell rose, and before the fishing fleet could get to safe harbours, the storm was in full blast. The fishing vessels were mostly from New England, and the Royal Gazette of Monday, October 6, 1851 records “…about 70 vessels cast away, sunk, or driven ashore and wrecked. Some crews were saved, many sailors drowned; some ships lost all hands. There are from 20 to 30 vessels on shore between Malpec (sic) and the North Cape, and in Richmond Bay and on Hog Island there are some 40 or 50 more. It is currently reported that 60 or 70 bodies have interred on Hog Island…”
On the North Shore around Brackley Point, Stanhope and Tracadie the schooners Brothers, Nettle, Fair Play, Golden Grove, Union, Caledonia and the barquentine Nantucket, were lost. Some crew members were saved, and warm tribute was paid to local residents who rescued and cared for the survivors; but the entire crew of the two vessels wrecked off Stanhope were drowned. The schooner Nettle was salvaged during the following January by the MacMillan family, who hauled it up the beach and overland into Covehead Bay, using 60 horses. The six or seven drowned sailors washed up on the beach at Stanhope were collected with horse and cart and buried in the Long Pond cemetery by Alex MacMillan, with one helper, who would not work after dark; they made rough coffins by daylight, and when night fell, Alex had to go it alone.
Fishing is still a hazardous occupation today, but in the memory of our senior citizens, the number of lives lost while engaged in this line of work has been limited; the names of Theodore Carr and Lachlan MacMillan come to mind. Today’s larger boats with their sophisticated equipment give fishermen a big advantage over their forebears with their small sail boats and dories.

If you look really hard there is a heron at the waters edge.

Sunset was amazing at the short, this evening.

St. Dunstan's Basilica ~ October 10th

St. Dunstan's Basilica ~ Charlottetown, PEI

The Catholic Church of Charlottetown dates back to 1721 when two missionary priests came to minister to the spiritual needs to the early French settlers.  A small church was built at Port la Joye, an early French settlement located across the harbour from Charlottetown.  This settlement, including the little church, was destroyed during the English invasion in 1758 and the inhabitants were deported to France. 

Built in the form of a Latin cross with 200-ft twin spires and the finest pipe organ in the province, the new cathedral was a tribute to the growing Diocese of Charlottetown.  Alas, on March 7th, 1913, just six years after the Cathedral's dedication, it was destroyed by fire.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Beautiful Day Out at Heritage Park

Spent Sunday afternoon shooting at Heritage Park.  The fall colors were awesome and the trains were all out full stream ahead!!

It was a beautiful day to be out!!  Looking forward to heading down there for 12 Days of Christmas in another month or so.