Charlottetown, Last Day, So Sad!! ~ October 14th

My last day in Charlottetown was on my own and enjoyed it muchly!!  I lounged around a bit and enjoy the slow morning with no rushing around and trying to get to the airport.

I decided to do a wander through some of the small side streets that I didn't venture down before.  I love all the doors around the city of Charlottetown and I couldn't resist getting a few photos.

Many of the places had pumpkin/autumn displays out in front of their homes.

The first street that I decided to go down was just behind the hotel, it has grabbed my attention the first night I was there and just didn't get a chance to go that way.  But I promised myself I would go before leaving and I did.

I found this place old stately home which has been turned in to a bed and breakfast, I so hope that the next time I go, I could stay there!!


This superb Pictureque villa is one of the finest homes built in pre-Confederation Canada.  It was constructed about 1839 for politician and administrator T.H. Haviland Sr. (1795-1867).  Basic to its design is the late 18th-century British fast for scenic composition of landscape and architecture. Here, the graceful bowed walls and extensive garden setting typical of the Picturesque style are wedded to the stately symmetry of classical design popular at the time in the Maritime Provinces.  A rare example of early brick construction on the Island, Fairholm retains much of its original interior.

One of my other "wants" while I was there was to get some interesting images of the leaves!!  Well, i found a few hahah :)

These images I made into cards and I do think they look really sharp :) haha

Walked by these fishes several times while I was staying at the Quality Inn and finally couldn't help myself and had to take at least one shot of them.  They are just neat!!

It was beautiful last day in Charlottetown and looking forward to heading out there again some day soon.