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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Old St. Louis

I have been wanting for ages to photograph the old St. Louis Hotel in the East Village but partly never had the time when I thought of it or I didn't really like the light at the time.  So the other day, things all seemed to work out well, good timing and light that I liked.

I really think that the Old St. Louis has some great character and I hope I capture some of it!!

Also so you know; I have been playing and working on HDR imaging and I think things are finally falling into place.  I love how much more creative you can be!!!

30 Day Challenge ~ Updated: May 30/14

Well, I am really slow now this but I have been working slow and doggedly on it. I am going to post several of the images together here in a bit of a gallery concept.

And will update as I add images ... I am not go at the challenge thing, love the idea but sometimes run out of time or ideas. So when I come across something and try and capture it!! :)

No. 1 ~ Reflection

No. 2 ~ Shadows

No. 3 ~ Colors

No. 4 ~ Animals

No. 5 ~ Repeating Patterns

No. 6 & 7 ~ Something Old & Architecture

No. 8 ~ Nature

No. 9 ~ Fruit

No. 10 ~ Glass

No. 11 ~ Flowers ~ Tulips from my Garden, just over the purple!!!

No. 12 ~ Movement ~ Water Movement ~ HDR image

No. 13 ~ Chocolate

No. 14 ~ Black & White

The Old St. Louis.

No. 15 ~ Word ~ Main Street in Fort Macleod, Love this street with all its old signage!!!

No. 16 ~ View From Here ~ View of the Mountain ~ Pano of 3 images

No. 17 ~ Darks & Lights

Sun hitting this tree to creative the light areas and shadows.

No. 18 ~ First Thing in the Morning

No. 19 ~ Signs ~ Fort Macleod, like I said love love love!! this main street

No. 20 ~ Numbers

No. 21 ~ Texture

No. 22 ~ Details ~ Part of an out rusted truck

No. 23 ~ Time

No. 24 ~ Garden

No. 25 ~ Out and About ~ Out & About last week to see what I could find.  This is along the Bow River.

No. 26 ~ Cold ~ Last Blast of Winter!! So glad it is over!!

No. 27 ~ Indoors

No. 28 ~ Light Painting

No. 29 ~ Clouds ~ Clouds can be such interesting things to photograph!!!

No. 30 ~ Frame within a Frame

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Project 52~ Week 20 ~ High Angle

High Angle ... Hmmmm!!  This one made me think a bit...what can I do that show a High Angled Shot.  And Well, to be honest I still haven't really found what I thought as a High Angle ... so be prepared I might do more than one of these!! :)

This is up high!! Atop the hill that over all Waterton Park, where the big fancy Railway Hotel is located.  Wish I could have gone in there, was really cool looking.  Good excuse to go again right!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Purple Tulips

The flowers have really popped in the last few weeks and my tulips are no exception.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Looking for Birdies??

Ok, I didnt have much luck today trying to find a few birdies but the outing was good and enjoyed the sunshine!!  I did however find a few interesting images and I think I was successful.

I did get a few other interesting images as well.  Not sure what golf course this is but it made for a great image!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Waterton Trip ~ Day 3

On the way home, so didn't do much for shooting but did capture a few images.

All of the above are taken just as you leave Pincher Creek.  Such a neat thing to see coming and going from Pincher Creek.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Waterton Trip ~ Day 2

We stayed in Pincher Creek for the 2 nights we were away.  Neat little town, which really isn't all that little.  What beautiful scenery to wake up to every morning, both the Mountains and the prairies, what more could you want!!

Waterton Park is really pretty place and the old Historical Prince of Wales Hotel is just awesome ... what view you have there as well!!

Built between 1926 to 1927 ~ http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/pn-np/ab/waterton/natcul/natcul4.aspx

Never did check to see how cold the water was but it looked cold!!

Little bit of wildlife wandering through the town.  Actually right in the school yard, haha

View from behind the Hotel.

Project 52 ~ Week 19 ~ Abandoned

Week 19's Theme for Project 52 was Abandoned.  I wasn't sure what was going to present itself but just love this little old house among the hills just before the mountains.  And thought it would really work well for "Abandoned".

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Waterton Trip ~ Day 1

Decided to go to Waterton National Park, Alberta for May Long Weekend .. to get away and recharge the batteries and to see a piece of Alberta that I haven't seen for many many years.

The trip down, we stopped in Fort Macleod for Lunch and when I was finished I runaway to see what I could find!!  Well, Did I Find Something!!  I have a thing for Old Buildings etc, I found it!!!

This was a great old Main Street!!  It was awesome and hope to go down there again some day soon!!!

Along the way, we stopped at Lundbreck Falls and I decided to try some long exposures ... some worked some didn't!! haha :)

Also decided to head into Crowsnest Pass as well and went as far as Frank Slide.  Didn't stay long in this area but found a couple of photo opps :)