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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Project 52 ~ Week 26 ~ Photographer's Choice

Photographer's Choice is such hard one because I have lots of photos I have taken that I love ... So I am going to give you more than one!!  Look Out!! LoL :)

Take at the beginning of June at the Chinese Culture Centre .. Who knew that photographing soap bubbles would be such a challenge.  But can make a really interesting image!!

I have been busy photographing flowers this year ... and have been finding some interesting flower.  This is actually garlic and well a little bug!!

Went for a drive recently and came across this really pretty scene at Highwood Pass in Kananaski County.  Looking forward to heading again that way someday soon!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Project 52 ~ Week 23 ~ Black & White

I love to do Black & White images when the mood or scene hits me just right!!  Some scenes really scream Black and White and some don't and sometimes it is really hard to tell.

Some of the old buildings in DownTown Calgary are great for Black & White Imaging.  Sometimes, the right time of day is what you need to get the lights and darks just right.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Garlic at the Community Garden

In my neighbourhood, we have a community garden .. which I think is truly a great idea!!  I have walked by it several times already this spring and have watched it grow.  So the other day I decided that it was time to take along my camera and got a few photos!!!

Well, first thing ... did you that garlic blossoms!! I didn't!!  Hahah :)

Community Garden Guard Cat!!  Pretty Scary Huh!!  heheh

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Blurred Motion!!!

Went and check out a new Photography Group at the Public Library Downtown .. met some great people and went out for a bit to shoot and have fun and to refresh my memory on how to do a few things!!  Love watching folks who are new to photography and seeing when something clicks!!!

Project 52 ~ Week 25 ~ Clouds

Playing Catch up yet again!!!  I enjoy the challenge of shooting themes each week but somethings don't have the time to shoot or to post.  I am rather lacking on my "New Years Resolution" to do blog posts each week.  All things good in theory, I guess :)

Clouds was the theme of Week 25:

When I shot this image, I was working in HDR mode just to see what might be created.  Its different :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Trying a New Flash Technique ... Still needs some work!!

Creating a black back ground with out needing a back backdrop.

Still need to practise this a bit yet to get it to work ... with out having to think to hard!!! :)

Get an Invisible Black Backdrop to your Portraits

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Signs Signs Everywhere Signs!!

I have this thing for signs for some reason this year!!  I am working on photographing as many interesting signs as possible.  Couple of weeks ago, I found this following sign but when by it on a day that was very very dreary!!  So I had to go back & I did!! :)

I have a couple of other thoughts regarding this sign that I might have to go and try!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Project 52 ~ Week 21 ~ Trees

Trees, Trees and More Trees!!!  Found all these creations in Inglewood today.  Had a great time wandering and watching how much spring can transform the world from dreary and dull to brilliant greens and pinks and yellows and you name it .. it is there!!!

Fort Calgary

Preserving the Past: The Patton Windmill

The windmill is recognized as a symbol of the challenges faced by newcomers with great expectations of developing an agricultural economy on the prairies.  Pumping from a well 100 feet deep, this 40 foot tall windmill consistently produced cold, hard water for the Patton family and the surrounding community for 78 years.  Thomas  Patton purchased the windmill from Nebraska and had it shipped to his farm circa 1910.  This tall steel structure, a Dempster Annuoil #12 model, was a landmark and historical symbol for the Calgary community of Pump Hill for almost a century.  The windmill provided neighbouring homesteaders with water in times of drought and acted as a beacon for pilots during World War II.

Thanks to a kind donation by the Clarence Patton family, the windmill was moved from its original location in Pump Hill to Fort Calgary in the summer of 2002. Fort Calgary is proud to preserve this significant historical icon that belonged to these spirited homesteaders.

Building The Ideal City … From Police outpost …. To Modern City.

Calgary’s progress from police out post to modern city has required difficult choices about our vision of success as a community.  The development of our city can be traced through what we did with Fort Calgary and our river valleys.

The railway embankment in front of you represents a time when Calgarians thought trade was more important than history or the environment.  As you move along this pathway, you travel a road Calgarians have gone down many times.  At one end are industry, transportation and economic growth; at the other, open space, natural environment and recreation.

Fort Calgary’s industrial era lasted from 1914 to 1975.  Since then, other opportunities have allowed us to build to different ideals.  What will we do in the future?

June 4th ~ I needed a Walk!!

Beginning of June was beautiful, everything so green and all the babies animals being out and growing fast!!  I decided to go and walk along the river down in to East Village and couldn't of asked for a better day!!

City is still busy working on the new walking bridges across the Bow River to St. George's Island.

The baby goslings where out being busy as babies!!

On the way back, I walked by Fort Calgary, I love the old style buildings.  The garden was busy growing and the little birdies were all very busy ... to busy to even get their photo taken or I wasn't fast enough haha

Also found a few flowers along the way. And a weed, which was just screaming to have its picture taken!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 1 ~ Out and About Day

Was out for a little while Sunday and met up with a couple of friends Downtown.  We went into Market Collective which was located at Calgary Chinese Culture Centre, there was some interesting stuff and had a good time checking things out.

I did some shooting along the way, it was a perfect day for it too!!

Calgary Chinese Culture Centre

Public Art ~ Interesting Sculpture!!  Calgary does have some very interesting art work.

Knox United Church

Many of the flowers downtown are all out and really pretty right now.

Flowers from the Garden centre out 17th ave SE.  They have many many great flowers out there.