Banff National Park In a Blur!!! ~ June 24th

I took a Day Tour through Banff National Park at the end of June.  It was a very long day but had great fun and saw quite a few different spots that I haven't seen in a while.

The day started by being picked downtown Calgary at 6am!!  Wow!! Yes, it was early but it was a beautiful morning to be out.

Only had about 45 minutes in Banff, just long enough to go for a short walk and to enjoy the morning fresh air and scenery.  Above are a couple of shots of the first Catholic Stone Church in Banff, which I have always though was so neat looking.

The first stop was at Johnston Canyon .. love love love this place!!!

Then it was off to Lake Louise for the view and to have lunch!!  Very different view of Lake Louise compared to the April visit ... there isn't 6 foot snow drifts ... :) LoL!!

When the tour left, we headed to a spot that I have not been too before.  Moraine Lake ... this isn a very interesting spot.  The history of the area is very interesting both people history and geographically history.

The tour then headed up over the Continental Divide where it did start to rain a little but not enough to dampen the spirits of everyone!!  There were stops at Meeting of the Waters, The Natural Bridge and Emerald Lake.

And on the way back to Banff for the day, we spotted 2 grizzly bears.  Our group, stayed on the bus ... smart decision I think!!!

Well, that was the day in a Nutshell!!  It was good day and really enjoyed every minute!!