Memorials at CityHall

The City of Calgary Staff Memorial Garden ... I thought this is such an awesome idea .. there is even music playing while you are  wondering, or sitting in the garden.

Actually city hall is surrounded by flowers, it can a very enjoyable place to sit and have lunch!!

There is a better view of the Calgary tower from this garden there other spots in Calgary because the skyline has changed and grown so much you have a hard time finding the tower now.

Wonder if the garden here would like to come to my yard and garden and see if she could fix things, haha :)

There are some really wonderful ideas that go on here in Calgary, one being Community Vegetable Gardens.  

MUNICIPAL BUILDING - community food garden

The Municipal Building Community food garden is a City of Calgary employee project.  Volunteers construct, plant, maintain and harvest the garden and donate the fresh produce back to the community.  The children of The City’s daycare also take part - using the garden as an outdoor classroom and for planting their own snacks.

Community gardens like this one are an excellent example of how small actions can have big environment social and economic impact.  

Growing our own food - no matter how simple - reduces the distance our food travels.  This saves energy and reduces our ecological footprint.  Community gardens also provide an opportunity for people to work together, to build neighbourhoods and give back to the community.

I just about snitched some peas but decided not too, hahah :)