Headed out for a Drive through Kananaskis and found a nice little spot for a picnic.  I was quite surprised how much damage there was in the area from the flooding of 2013.  But things are starting to recover and in a few years things will be back to the way it was.

Picnicked at a little spot called Kings Creek and there was loads of Fireweed or Indian Paint Brush not sure what exactly its called but I think it is pretty.  Also found some clover, Alberta Wild Rose and Daisies.

I quickly ate my picnic supper and ran off with my camera to see what else I could find, haha!!

As along the way, we stopped at Highwood Pass ... there is a hiking trail that starts there, looks like a great place to hike too!!

There was a little Golden Crowd Sparrow, just singing his little heart out!!

He let me get quite close before he decided that was close enough!! LoL  This was a really pretty spot, the sun last rays where just kissing the trees and the valley.

And after well left Longview at the other end of the road, came across an old train car in the middle of nowhere!! :)

It was a very good evening out!!  Looking forward to doing it again someday soon!!