Jackie's Backyard Oasis

Well, if you need a spot just to watch the birds or find a bit of peace and quiet (except for the noise birds) this is the place.

I want to Thank Laurie for taking me and Jackie for letting us hang out.  Such a perfect little spot and I hope one day soon I can come back and hang out with you both again!!  It made for a perfect way to spend a day off.

Red Winged Black Bird hanging out at the bird feeder.

Young Magpie busily eating seed.

Female Black Birds waiting their turn for breakfast.

Pretty Pansies

Pretty Pansies

Daisy Daisy!!!

Mountain Chickadee

Moss .. Really rather cool looking in the sun.

Loved the way the sun was hitting these branches.

Poor Pesky almost had the pooh scared out of him .. 

and he was not happy about it either!!!