Views Around City Hall!

Calgary City Hall and Plaza is quite a pretty spot in my opinion.  Always well maintains and very clean place.

There is Old City Hall and New City Hall here in Calgary, which are both attached to each other.  But Old City Hall is quite a building.

Calgary City Hall is an early twentieth-century, four-storey sandstone building with a central clock tower. It is located within Calgary's downtown civic complex alongside other municipal buildings. It is constructed in the Richardsonian Romanesque style and features a rough sandstone exterior, rows of recessed windows, arches and a red, pressed metal tile roof.

The clock still chimes on the hour and half hour, it is rather cool to hear when you are wondering around downtown.

Calgary City Hall

Calgary City Hall Plaza has some neat statutes one being the Firefighters Memorial and second the Horses.

Horses were and are an important part of Calgary's History.  There was no railway here when Fort Calgary was started so the only way to get here was by Horse.

These horses have permanent residency in the front of the Calgary Municipal Building. These life-size bronze sculptures by Harry O'Hanlon, were presented to The City of Calgary by Spruce Meadows, Canada's premiere equestrian facility, on behalf of the horse industry of Alberta. The positioning of the stallion overlooking the mare and foal signifies the bond of kinship and strength among families.

As you can see from images above, the city has created a very pleasant place to have lunch or special events.

Information on the City of Calgary from Old History to New History and History in the making.  Calgary is an ever changing and growing place to be part of.