Along the Cabot Trail ~ The Lone Shieling ~ Part 2

During the summer on the western highlands of Scotalnd, crofters (tenant farmers) grazed their livestock on the hill pastures of clan chieftains.  A shieling sheltered the crofter and often some of this livestock light, would be closed in with peat sods during storms.  On the well swept earthen floor, a blazing peat fire provided heat, light and smoke.  Fragrant pallets of heather or bracken covered the stone bunks.

From the lone shieling of the misty island, mountain divide us, and the waste of the seas - Yet still the blood is strong, the heart is Highland, and we in Dreams behold the Hebrides.

This shieling was erected in accordance with the terms of the will of Professor Donald S. MacIntosh, a Native of Pleasant Bay, Inverness County, who died on July 20th, 1934 and devised to the province of Nova Scotia one hundred acres of land hereabout, expressing the wish “That the Government of the province will maintain a small park at the intervale and will build there a small cabin which will be constructed in the same design or plan as the lone shilling on the Island of Skye, Scotland.”

Links of Interest: This is a neat pretty spot, sheltered by the shade of the trees along side and little creek.

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