Prince's Island Park

Out for a walk on Tuesday, the weather was beautiful, so I can't waste the day inside.  I couldn't decide where I wanted to go but eventually come to a decision and ended up at Eau Claire, Peace Bridge and Prince's Island Park.

You can see spring coming, the birdies are busy, the green is greening and trees are blooming.

The Peace Bridge is interesting!! I have only been down once before and really need to go again and photograph it.

Everybody was out, walking, running and biking.  So I wasn't the only needing to enjoy the sun and perfect spring day.

This little chickadee and his mate was really busy eating whatever it was in the bush.  They didn't even care how close I got ... I think I was about 2 feet away and also long as I didn't get in the way of the food, they didn't care!! LoL :)

Still enjoying creating these little videos.  Getting a little better at it too!!