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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Flower Fun!!

I picked up some extension tubes this morning, I have learning and practicing to do yet but I think this will be fun :)

These are my flowers ... just after the rain.

Creative Photography Challenge ~ Part 3

Made it out today and did a little shooting!!  Love wandering to see what I can find but interesting to also go with a bit of a theme in mind as well.

LEAVES or TREES ~ This little theme took a while to come up with something ... I just didn't want leaves or trees but something a little different and I think I found it!!

WIDE ANGLE ~ Yeah, I know its a pano .. but its wide too!! :)

STILL LIFE ~ Statues in Inglewood

DETAIL OR CLOSE UP ~ Just some random things that I have found along the way.

To Be Continue ... Part 4

Monday, June 29, 2015

Creative Photo Challenge ~ Part 2

HAT OR SCARF ~ Stampede time here in Calgary and You can find a Cowboy Hat anywhere!!!

FUN or WHIMSY ~ I love Whirly Gigs!!!

WITH A PROP ~ Along Stephen Avenue ... Such fun things happen along the mall walk.

SKY & CLOUD ~ This little cloud was peeking through the buildings to see what he could see!!

DEPTH OF FIELD ~ Shallow Depth of Field

MINIMALISM ~ My definition ... not sure if it is quite right ... but I like it!!

UMBRELLA ~ Red Patio Umbrella Along Stephen Ave!!

To Be Continued .... On to Part 3!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Creative Photography Challenge ~ Part 1

I love doing these little challenges ... keeps the creative juice flowing!!  And gets me out to enjoy the wonderful summer days that are very short here in Calgary!!

So I am going in no special order just what ever I come across something.  And I thought if I am doing this little challenge my way, I am going to be taking more then one image!!!

It is interesting to see what can fit in to the concept of Light & Shadow, wasn't sure if I was going to come up with something for this but well, I looked up and there is was!!

There is Red everywhere at this time of year here in Calgary ... Stampede is less than a week away.  Its hard to decided!!  But really like this one image it is simple and I think it works.

Rule of Thirds are always fun to shoot.  Its is hard to do sometimes to do as well ... makes you think!!!

He came by just at the right time!!  And Its Red!!! LoL

Two Street Scene - Quiet and Busy!!

Bow Building and Sunflare ... good spot, lots of windows!!

To Be Continued ... :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Milligan/Ogden Community Carnival ~ Part 2

Ok, so sometimes I am a big kid at heart ... I still love firetrucks and police cars ... I just think they are neat and thats all I can say on that!!

So when I have to opportunity, which is very rarely, I live to photograph them.  I think they are cool and when I have to right opportunity to be creative while shooting, I do so!!!

Milligan/Ogden Community Carnival ~ Part 1

Saturday, I was invited to photograph the carnival in Ogden!! It was great fun and we didn't wet!!  I haven't photograph an event in a while and it took a little to get back into it.  But once I did, it was awesome!!

I am going to share just a few images right now, I am still working/editing up the remainder of them.

I am not a big fan of snakes but taking photos of them, not so bad!! :)

This little guy is cute!!  I have never been this close to a skunk before.  Luckily he was fresh as a daisy!! :)

These guys were ssssooooo good!! I was very very impressed!!!

Well, this is just Part One ... I still have some editing to do and will share more photos over the next couple of days.  There was lots of fun and games had by everyone.