30 Day Photo Challenge in 2 Days!!

Part 2

Eyes ~ You would think that this would be easy, yeah no ... took me a while to find something that would work.

Bag ~ This is easy one to do, everyone has some sort of bag that they carry!!

Bowl ~ Yeah, who eats hot soup when it is 32c out!!  I do, especially when it is homemade!!

Book ~ I love this concept!!!  I have seen it in other cities, but this is the first time I have seen it here!!!  Awesome!!!

Glass ~ Ice Cold Glass of Water ... Really its water!!!

Wood ~ Now, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to find "Wood", couldn't really come up with and idea and then I stumbled across this ... Wooden Building Blocks.  Now, how cool is that!!!

Fence ~ Stampede Fencing!!

Plate ~ Would of thought this one was going to be easier, with all the patios out but took a couple of trips around Stephen Ave to find them!!

Hair ~ Ok, didn't say Who's Hair!!

Door ~ Great Doors all over the place ... couldn't pick just one!!!

And Grass ... Well, I think hay is a type of grass is it not??

Well, this little challenge was fun to do!!  I was able to get 26 out of the 30 Photos.  I am missing Toes, Can, Dirt and Ball.  I think I might attempted this again over the summer.  Keeps you going!!!

I hope you enjoyed this little adventure!!