30 day Photography Challenge in 2 days!!

Yeah, ok, really!!  I enjoy doing stuff like this and wanted to see if I could it!!  I found a 30 day challenge with some easy and general themes so I thought it would be good one to work on.  Bu there are a couple on the list that I will have to think about a little bit yet.

So I start this little challenge today (July 8th), and went down town Calgary ... It is Stampede week here so there all all sorts of stuff going on, so there is all sorts of subject material to work with.

So Here it Goes:

1.  Flower - Downtown Calgary is full of flowers and I think the city does such a nice job of looking after the flowers and gardens everywhere.

2. Windows ~ Well, there are a great abundance for windows downtown but trying to find ones that I thought would interesting to look at.

3. Clocks ~ Ok, so you would think that this would be an easy one ... Nooo!!!  But I did find find a couple.

4.  Trees ~ One of my favourite spots ... it is interesting in all seasons.

6.  Jewelry ~ All sorts of shopping can be down during Stampede along Stephen Ave.

7. Animals ~ Stampede = Horses!!

8. Water ~ Fountain at City Hall

9.  Elbows ~ Ok, so can you imagine trying to come up with an idea for this ... Rattled my brains along with downtown ... And finally come across this!!

10.  Nose ... Ohh Yeah here another one of those ... Uuummmm!!!???

11.  Buildings ... Calgary has some very interesting buildings both new and old.

12. Roads ... We have lots of those here.  Couldn't decide what I really wanted but I kinda like what I did here.  And yes, I was standing in the middle of the road!! Hey, somebody has to do it!!

13.  Cup ... Love what I found!!!

14.  Clothes, while I found more or less a full outfit!! :)  Oh but I forgot the boots!!!

15.  Face - I was looking over somebody's shoulder!!

16.  Paper ... Newspaper, Why Not!!

To Be Continued ... Part 2!!