July Photo Challenge ~ July 17


Ok, to confess ... this was taken today (07-21) but are to post as if it was still July 17th!!  LoL  Sometimes I don't have the time or a good idea to post a photo.  

Today, you get a little history lesson on Calgary.


Stephen Avenue is a superb illustration of the central role that retail streets have played and continue to play in the Canadian Urban Experience.  As a well-preserved commercial street, the avenue bears eloquent witness to the emergence of the modern retail sector in Canada from 1880 to 1930.  With the coming of the railway, Prairie cities grew at an unprecedented rate, and their gridiron urban plans reflected a new functional pattern; financial and commercial sectors located near the train station, surrounded by residential areas while factories were farther away.  Elegant illustrations of Calgary’s sandstone era, the buildings of Stephen Avenue are handsome representatives of the architecture of their time, featuring Victorian, Art Deco and Beaux-Arts Elements.