2016 ~ January 18 ~ Me & 13 things

Well, Me and 13 things ... thought this was going to be hard ... but no it wasn't haha

  1. Coffee --- the elixir of life --- keeps me from killing people.  What more can I said!!
  2. Book --- love to read.
  3. Travel guide and Map for my next adventure!!
  4. Knitted Socks --- just because I am thrilled I figured out how to make socks!!
  5. Kleenix --- if I leave the house with out one, I will always need one!!
  6. Chocolate --- do I need to say more!!
  7. My Laptop --- goes with me just about everywhere. My entertainment tool. My work tool. My Connector to the world.  Oh and by the way, don't don't coffee on your laptop...bad bad plan!!
  8. Water --- slowly learning to like water, I don't think there will be love there but never know!! LoL
  9. Braces Container --- this stupid thing comes with me everywhere --- so I blinged it!!  LOL
  10. Yogurt --- really like yogurt!!
  11. Ipad --- Only device that will run one of the dumb games I like to play hahaha
  12. My Camera --- my creative outlet --- it calms me and helps to turn off the overactive brain and switches me to a different person.
  13. Kitten --- Because I can't have a real one!!