2016 - January 1st - New Year's Morning

New Years Morning ... what did I do?  Well, first off, I slept in ... doesn't happen to often in my world but it is very nice when it does. I did have a long list of things that I would of like to have accomplished but I didnt!! LoL

There was 3 things that I did want to do ... one being a little bit of photography.  I had this little concept in my mind for a few weeks but with Christmas and all the work involved. I didnt get to play so today I decided to do so.

The big craze right now are adult colouring books and well, I have been sucked right in ... love it!!  I love to just sit and work on a piece.  I love the bright colors and just losing myself for hours.  This is one of 3 pictures that I am currently working on.

And I wanted to finish up the hat and scarf set that I was working for a friend.  So I guess I did do a few things today, what a scary thought!! LoL :)