2016 ~ April 18th ~ Your Day in Photos


1. Choose A Day - My Bus Trip to Jasper.
2. Take a Photo an Hour - Ok, to be honest I didnt get in a photo every hour.
3. Share

I used my cellphone for the images so it is very documentary ... or so I hope.  It was fun to do but will be happy to get back to my real camera LoL!!

All Packed and ready to go ... and look only 2 bags and purse ... this doesn't happen very often!! 

Heading off to catch to bus to Banff.

The fancy Brewster Bus to Banff!!  Love the bus line .. always great people and good service!!

Ahh ... Lunch!!

Lake Louise Pick up!


The Athabasca Glacier

Its a Bear!!!

Home Sweet Home, Until Friday anyway!!