Photo Project #2 ~ Fairy Tales

Ok, so thought of this back in March ... Took a while to get things organized and a bit of plot figured out!!

Want to Thank Cat for humouring me ... we had fun!!  It is important to be silly every once in awhile.  We will have to do it again some day soon!!

Take classic stories such as Little Red Riding Hood or other folk tales and take photos to illustrate the story.

The Frog Prince - 1 Model, Plastic Frog ... Location: Readers Rock Garden
  1. Depth of Field Idea:  2 images - Froggie Prince in the foreground with Cat in the background. Then Cat in the foreground and Froggie Prince in the background.
  2. Cat and Froggie find each other
  3. Cat Kissing Froggie
  4. Froggie Prince and Princess sitting in the green together.
Supplies:  Need Froggies, Princess Tara

Frog Prince