Stream Locomotive 6015


Forty years after surveyors mapped a route west over Yellowhead Pass, ribbons of steel finally traversed this valley and a town was born. Since 1911, the railway has flavoured our community’s spirit, lending unique quality still felt today.

A divisional point on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway - later restructured as the Canadian National Railways - Jasper was and is home to railroaders working ‘the road’ to terminals east and west of town. During the first half of the 20th century, more Jasperites made their living from railroading than from tourism, Railroaders and the families still comprised half of Jasper’s population in 1950.

Dozens of steam locomotives like the one to your left pulled trains run by five-man crews. The rail yard stretching before you employed section crews who repaired ‘the road’ and hundreds of tradesmen in its car and roundhouse shops. Railroading demands teamwork, and this supportive spirit still shapes Jaspers community life today.