The Hub: Becoming Deer Lake

Building the Deer Lake Power Station (in addition to the Grand Lake Canal and Reservoir) was a massive undertaking that required thousands of skilled workers, many from overseas.  Construction began in 1922 and saw the small, company-owned “townsite” that predated the Town proper become a major settlement and service centre.  By 1925, the Power Station was complete, supplying the Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Mill with a sustainable source of power; it was has filled this role ever since.  Soon after, yet another wave of workers arrived in town to cut timer for the Mill.  This group of new settlers truly turned Deer Lake into a regional hub, prompting the town to incorporate as a municipality in 1950.  Five years later, the town’s central status was confirmed with the opening of its very own regional airport. Today, the Deer Lake Regional Airport is one of the busiest airports in Atlantic Canada.