Whale Day

Well, this was a first for me ... never seen a whale skeleton before and in one day I saw and touch two of them!!

Sei whale found on the beach at Fortune Harbour in October 2006, a few days after beaching itself.  Note that the tail has been broken, possibly by an encounter with a ship.  Such incidents are unfortunate, usually resulting in a tragic end for those noble creatures.

Sei Whale ~ Location near Twillingate.
  • Population Approx. 57,000
  • Eat 900kg Daily.
The Sei Whale is between 13 to 16m long.  It is from the same family as the blue, fin, humpback and minke whales.  There are 636-680 dark baleen plates per animal, the longest of which is 78cm females are usually larger than males. 
Sei Whales swim in pods of 3-5 animals.
Sei Whales swim at speeds of up to 50kph.
The Sei Whales is found in virtually every ocean and sea in the world.  They eat/will eat food as small as plank fish up to 30cm long.  They may live to be 70 years old.

Humpback Whale ~ She was a young whale that got caught in the ice about a year ago.  Believed that she followed school of fish in and was to young and inexperienced that know to know leave before the ice came.  Located in Terra Nova Park ..  Parks Canada is collecting the bones to create a full skeleton.