Broom Point Fishing Premises

This was quite an interesting step back in time.  The buildings etc were all saved by Parks Canada.  Parks Canada has done alot of preserving of trying places in Newfoundland.

Step inside the fish store and tiny cabin and imagine the lives of the three Mudge brothers and their families who fished at Broom Point from 1941 to 1975. The wooden buildings, hand built boats, fishing gear and homey cabin recall the inshore fishery in open boats that once sustained Newfoundland's coastal communities. Parks Canada guides from the local area keep the story alive.

I don't think this is usable anymore ... but can you imagine the views and just how warm it was in early spring ... Pee Fast I do believe ... no reading the newspaper that day.

This part does actually belong to someone and being used as a fishing shack.   It was a very grey and gloomy day but sure made some great photo ops that day!!

This was the little house that the Mudge Brothers and their family, a totally of 10 people lived in the house from April until October, if I remember correctly.  And believe it wasn't very big!!

Still the only way to make really good coffee!!  Its been so long don't if I would remember how!!

Lobster Traps

Rocky Shore Line 

The Little House.