Halifax ~ Government House

Constructed between 1799 and 1805 under the superintendence of architect-builder Isaac Hildrith, this is one of the oldest official residences in Canada.  The combination of building material, craftsmanship, scale and style made it an ambitious project for the young colony.  Its completion represented a personal triumph for Governor Sir John Wentworth, but its construction expenses provided a focus for opposition to him.  The classical design, rusticated lower storey, and projecting wings with semi-circular bays were typical features of a gentlemen’s residence in rural England in the late 18th century.

Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada ~ Government of Canada 

Sir John Wentworth ~ 1737-1820

Born in New Hampshire, sometime governor of that colony, Wentworth fled his home when the American Revolution erupted.  After many vicissitude he was appointed Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia in 1792.  A typical conservative of his time, his later years in office were marked by conflict with the Assembly.  When war with the United States threatened in 1808 he was replaced with a professional soldier, General George Prevost. He died at Halifax.  One of his enduring monuments is Government House which was built to gratify his own sense of propriety and that of his glamorous wife.

Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada ~ Government of Canada 

Flowers from Government House Gardens.