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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cottage Hospital

A cottage hospital was a most welcome addition to a pioneer community which had previously relied on the “doctor book,” a neighborhood woman who practiced the art of healing, or a rare circumstances a doctor. The building was often a house converted for the purpose. Here a nurse could care for the sick and injured and the local doctor could perform surgery.

Calgary's first General Hospital was established in a rented cottage in October 1890 thanks to a $100 bequest from Chinese immigrant Jimmy Smith and the tireless efforts of the Women's Hospital Aid Society. A few months later the Grey Nuns set up Calgary's second hospital, the Holy Cross also in a cottage.

This charming house, with gingerbread details, was built by carpenter Peter Dewar in 1907. It belonged briefly to Martin Pallesen manager of Calgary Central Creamery. For many years Mrs. Norah Main and Reverend David Linnen ran Calgary's “Temple School for Spiritual Learning” in this house. The building was restored and adapted by Heritage Park to represent a cottage hospital.

Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ A Leaf

The Yellow Leaves are flying ... today didn't feel like fall but it won't be long that is for sure.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ A Rock

Ok, I had fun doing this ... All of the images were taken at Heritage Park so I took a few liberties but hey that is life, LoL!!

A Rock!! ... Sandstone Rock, I do believe.

Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt

Going to try something a little different today while I am out and about with my camera.  I am heading off to Heritage Park again with a friend and looking forward to it!!  It is a beautiful day out and the sun is shining.

I wanted to challenge myself a bit by doing a Scavenger Hunt!!  I haven't done one in ages and thought it would be need to do with a camera.  Started doing some searches online and there are loads of them!!

Now whether or not I find them all .. it doesn't matter as long as I have fun and I am out there with my camera practising, working and gaining better understanding.  And I love to create fun and interesting images to share with the world.

Nature Challenge: Day 14 ~ Life

Even through summer is slowly coming to an end there is always life.

Big Valley

Glenmore Reservoir

Sculpted by the retreating glaciers and sustained by the melt waters of the Rocky Mountains, the Elbow River Valley has been a lifeline in the dry prairies for thousands of years. Home to a diversity of plant and animal species, this valley provided food, medicinal plants and shelter for Aboriginal peoples. In the mid 1870's Sam Livingston claimed a homestead here, recognizing the valley's beauty and agricultural potential. He named his farm Glenmore, Gaelic for Big Valley.

Over the next fifty years as Calgary grew into a thriving city of 80,000 the condition of municipal waterworks reached a critical state. In 1929, City Council committed to build a dam and water treatment plant on the Elbow River and create a reservoir. Then the Stock Market crashed! The $4 million project was completed over the next three years with the help of relief labour.

Calgary's Great Depression project continues to provide clean water to the City's south side while the Glenmore Reservoir has become an integral part of the Elbow Valley ecosystem, sustaining local plants and animals, and providing a rest point for migratory waterfowl.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Nature Challenge: Day 13 ~ Death

Ahh, it so it begins ...  autumn is on our doorstep ... the small signs are showing themselves.

S.S. Moyie ~ Heritage Park

In the decades before railway branch lines and all-weather roads, shallow-draught paddlewheel steamships provided a reliable link between many remote settlements and the outside world. Besides passengers, they carried farm implements, dry goods, foodstuffs, sacks of mail, liquor and other necessities into isolated communities returning with passengers and sundry cargo.

Built in 1898 the S.S. Moyie was originally intended to ferry miners and supplies along the Stikine River in northern British Columbia. When gold fever petered out in the Klondike the S.S. Moyie was sent to British Columbia's southern interior instead. The Canadian Pacific Railway shipped the steel hull west from Toronto in 1,000 pieces and assembled it at Nelson on the West Arm of Kootenay Lake. The ship was finished under the supervision of a master builder and elegantly appointed after the fashion of the day. The S.S. Moyie spent the next sixty years hauling coal, freight and passengers across the waters of Kootenay Lake, B.C.

The originally S.S. Moyie, preserved in Kaslo, B.C., served as the model of Heritage Park's two-thirds size vessel.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Nature Challenge: Day 12 ~ Homes

Trees are homes to many different animals.  I love the way the light is falling on these trees.  It was a beautiful evening for a walk.  Have to remember to get out and do more walks in the evenings!!

Midnapore Station

Train stations were built about eight miles apart, a one-day drive by horse and wagon. Townspeople came to the station to buy tickets or to use the telegraph services. Merchants and farmers came to claim or forward freight of every sort. All mail arrived via the station, as did the world news that enlivened the local newspaper.

Besides the ground floor office, waiting room and freight shed, many depots provided an upstairs apartment for the station agent and his family. The agent not only sold tickets, checked baggage, and sent telegraph messages, he also directed train and cars and calculated shipping charges for freight and express packages. Midnapore Station, constructed following standard plans, was similar to many railway depots in Western Canada.

In 1910, while the Canadian Pacific Railway was building Midnapore Station, Father Albert Lacombe established an orphanage nearby. The venerable missionary priest and nuns of Sisters of Providence visited the station frequently to receive visitors to the orphanage or to pick up supplies.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Honey Bees

Apiaries & Bees for Communities
ABC Bees 
Partnering with Heritage Park Historical Village

ABC Bees is dedicated to inspiring pollinator stewardship through hands-on opportunities. In our #Bees4Communities Program, ABC Bees manages beehives for pollinator-conscious communities in Calgary. While producing honey for our partners, these beehives are actively used for community outreach and education, sharing our passion for beekeeping and honey bee sustainability.

For more information go to backyardbees.ca

Nature Challenge: Day 11 ~ Texture

The Earth has Music if you just listen!!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Bruderheim Windmill ~ Heritage Park

Wilhelm Mallon and his wife Juliana emigrated from Byelorussia to homestead near Bruderheim, Alberta in 1910. Despite their hard work they could not make a living off the poor sandy soil of their farm. In order to make ends meet, Mr. Mallon used his Old Country skills to build a wind-powered grist mill to grind his neighbours' grain.

Mr. Mallon used only local materials and hand tools to build this windmill. He shaped the gears, wheels and shafts from scrub birch which he then cured and hardened in a manure pile of six months, followed boiling in linseed oil. He selected granite from the North Saskatchewan River which he chiseled by hand to form the millstones. The rest of the mill was built from lumber from a local supplier. There was not a single piece of metal in the original millworks.

To their delight the Mallons discovered that their land, although useless for growing wheat, was suitable for rye. The windmill enabled them to enjoy the traditional rye bread which was a staple of their homeland.

Nature Challenge: Day 10 ~ Grass

Happiness is .... lying in the grass staring at the sky!!


Ok, so got home a little later last night and didnt have time to go out to see what I could find along my street.

So, I thought hey going to pick up a pepper or two not only to nibble on but to take a couple of photos of as well.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nature Challenge: Day 8 ~ Group

Ok, these guys were not impressed with me ... I think I woke them from their mid-morning nap ... I tried sneaking up very slowly but they scooted away very quickly ... quacking all the way!!  I think it was Mom & Dad with little ones.


Love Love Love These Hair Things!!  I think they are so funny looking ... they need little hats or something!!  LoL

Monday, August 22, 2016

Is It Really That Time of Year, Already!!

Well, believe it or not the leaves here in Calgary are changing!!  I have a real love or hate relationship with autumn, love the colors, the beautiful blue skies and the cooler weather but by saying that I really dislike what comes after.  The cold weather, the snow, lack of sunlight and daytime hours.  Oh my, that was whiny wasn't!  LOL!!

Nature Photography: Day 6 ~ Taste

Ahhh, the taste of fresh tomatoes ... there is nothing like it :)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Nature Photography Challenge: Day 4 ~ Silent

Union Cemetery, Calgary, Alberta

Friday Night Company!!

Oh Indy is such fun!!   She had great fun barking at the squirrel that came by yesterday ... however, she thought that it was very unfair of everyone not to let her out to play with the squirrel!!!  LoL

Indy doesnt sit still for long so I had to be a little creative!!  I did get a couple of kisses out of the deal when I laid on the floor but hey thats ok!!

We did decide to go outside and try to find the squirrel but we didnt have much luck ... Poor Indy, tried so hard!!  Maybe next time!!

I did at times feel a little snubbed ... not sure why ... Hmmm!!  LoL