Bruderheim Windmill ~ Heritage Park

Wilhelm Mallon and his wife Juliana emigrated from Byelorussia to homestead near Bruderheim, Alberta in 1910. Despite their hard work they could not make a living off the poor sandy soil of their farm. In order to make ends meet, Mr. Mallon used his Old Country skills to build a wind-powered grist mill to grind his neighbours' grain.

Mr. Mallon used only local materials and hand tools to build this windmill. He shaped the gears, wheels and shafts from scrub birch which he then cured and hardened in a manure pile of six months, followed boiling in linseed oil. He selected granite from the North Saskatchewan River which he chiseled by hand to form the millstones. The rest of the mill was built from lumber from a local supplier. There was not a single piece of metal in the original millworks.

To their delight the Mallons discovered that their land, although useless for growing wheat, was suitable for rye. The windmill enabled them to enjoy the traditional rye bread which was a staple of their homeland.