My One Little Gift to Me!!

My One Little Gift to Me!!  I always get little little thing for myself on trips that I take to new places.  This is a ring made from Labradorite ... it is a pretty rock ... kinda bluey-green rock, with a story!!

An Inuit legend recalls a time when the Northern Lights became imprisoned in the rocks of Labrador.  An Inuit Shaman saw the lights and struck the earth with his spear and freed them.  However, some of the lights hid in its rocks, but they were discovered by the sun and water, hence we have Labradorite. 
Labradorite is a crystallized stone belonging to the family of Felspar.  The color is mainly blue, green or gold, but it can also be purple, pink or show interplay of the whole rainbow.  The color is due to the presence of microscopic plates of different metals such as iron, copper, and nickel and their disposition is strict parallel lines,  A piece may look like any ordinary stone until you turn it to catch the light and reveals its many colors.

The little green Tartan is the Newfoundland Tartan: Developed by Sam Wilansky in 1955.  
Gold - sun's rays. 
Green - pine clad hills. 
White - cloak of snow. 
Brown - iron isle.  
Red - royal standards for which our father's fought.