Hull Carriage House ~ Heritage Park

Set within carefully landscaped grounds, elaborate carriage houses complemented the fine homes and gardens of the very rich. Prominent rancher and businessman William Roper Hull built this carriage house in 1905 on his vast “Langmore” estate in southwest Calgary. Covering a full city block, the property included a mansion, terraced garden, tennis court and carriage house. It was the perfect setting for elegant garden parties attended by throngs of Calgary's leading citizens.

The carriage house reflected Mr. Hull's stature in the community. The main floor accommodated four horses, two ponies, two carriages and a variety of tack. Part of the second storey was given over to hay storage, while the rest provided living quarters for Hull's groomsman.

Hull made his fortune in the meat packing business and went on to make his mark in ranching, real estate and other ventures. He was a civic-minded man, whose entrepreneurial drive was balanced by his charitable nature. Upon his wife's passing, much of Hull's wealth was used to establish a home for children in need.