Ahh, Spring!

Well, it has been ages since I posted.  Winter has been long and cold, so it was alot of staying home where it is warm ... so it is time to get back out and at it again!!

First real photowalk of the year was yesterday and it was a perfectly beautiful day to be outside. So happy I went.

I started downtown Calgary and the light was so interesting.  Soft and pretty, what more can you ask for 😃

Then it was on to Inglewood, where the Photowalk with a bunch of new friends began.  Want to Thank Marlene Hielema, she is a wonderful person and a great teacher.  I truly enjoy her company, thoughtfulness and she is a great organizer 😊 Thank you Again to you and Ruth Bergen Braun for organizing and getting everyone together for a Great Inglewood Photowalk.

So in a few weeks, I will be off to Victoria so there will be all sorts of new photos and adventures for the coming year.  

Looking forward to sharing again all of the adventures and simple fun photos.