Week 52 ~ Week 19 ~ Day in the Life ... ??

Day in the Life ... ??

This is one of the more challenging weeks because you have to come up with 7 images ... one for each day this week.  Something that sums up the day ... always interesting to see what will sum up ones day?!

Day 1 - I couldn’t decide but because some of my day consisted of crocheting. I thought this was quite appropriate.

Day 2 - Supper

Tried something new and I put most of it together with a bit of help. . Now if u don’t see any posts from me tomorrow...you know why lol

Day 3 - Out & About

Ok, so my first thought today was to take a photo of the thermometer on my deck at about 230p ... it was only 35c there!! My deck gets alot of sun!!
But I decided today was a good day to go and see what I could find at Elliston Park or the Marshlands not far away!! and I should of started early ...Eff!! it was hot!
Now this wasnt totally what I had in mind ... the weeds were thicker earlier last week but I didnt get a chance to head over there until today ... I will have to put it on my mental list for next year LoL

Day 4 - Long Hot Day at work!!

Day 5 - Oh it’s cooled off. Lol

Day 6 - Walk to Work
Been walking to work this week to get some air before getting to work and having to put on a mask. This is one of the scenes I see on the way there. This line of trees are really pretty when they start to change in the fall.

Day 7 - Day in the Life - My best Friend this week!!