Understanding Composition - Lesson 1 & 52 Week - Week 25

This is going to be my Week 25 of 52 Week Challenge ... 3 Images all Composition.

Follow the rules … and maybe break them, too!

Submit up to three photos:
Submit ONE image that includes EITHER an off-centre main subject OR an off-centre horizon line. Placement could follow the Rule of Thirds, but doesn’t have to, so long as you stay out of the centre with your main subject or horizon.

Submit ONE photo with the subject positioned in a RULE OF THIRDS power position.

For your third upload, submit another photo for either #1 (off-centre) or #2 (Thirds), OR submit one BREAKING-THE-RULES image (with the subject or horizon positioned dead-centre in the composition).

NOTE: At least ONE of your three uploads should be a VERTICAL composition.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3