Newfoundland & Labrador ~ June 2016 ~ Info and Gallery Links ~ UPDATED 07/25/16

Planning Planning Planning!!

So I have wanted to go to Newfoundland for ages and I thought I would do some snooping to see what I could come up with ... with really no intension of booking anything yet.  And come across Globus, who I had toured with before and well, need less to say I am now going to Newfoundland!!

Going to spend a couple days in Halifax to check out some of things missed the first time around.  It will be a quick trip of 2 days there but thats ok, gives me a chance to go back!! :)

I haven't planned all of Halifax yet but will put up a bit of itinerary when I have my thoughts together.

Working/Rough Schedule of Halifax
I am looking forward to exploring Halifax, but with only 2 days I am having a hard time trying to decide who what when why and where to beginning!!  But either way, I can't wait!

Just found an adventure for Halifax and Area:
Check out: Halifax Photo Tours with Picture Perfect
  1. Eastern Shore Photo Tour
  2. Peggy's Cove Morning Light Tour
Very much excited about these 2 little tours .. I think they will be quite exciting!!

Those are just a couple of ideas at the moment.  Still doing some research to see what all I can pack into 2 days.  Wish Me Luck!!

Newfoundland & Labrador
Tour Information

All Things Come to an End!!
I had a fantastic time traveling through out Newfoundland this past summer.  Travel many miles and saw many different and interesting places.  The trip was one of a lifetime making all the for the bus mates I had.  Amazing fun people to hang out with.

My adventure started with 2 days in Halifax, walking and exploring the city and little bit of the countryside.

Halifax NS
Spent a couple of days in Halifax enjoying the weather, scenery and food!!  Lots of fun!!  Check out the gallery of almost all of my images from Halifax.

Picture Perfect Tours with Geordie Motts
Wonderful photo tour with Geordie along the North Shore.  Very knowledgeable Tour Guide.  He got me thinking again about finding the interest in a scene instead of the big picture.  Sometimes you do need to be reminded!!!

Deerlake, NFLD
Spent the night at a B&B in Deerlake.  It was just perfect ... a quiet restful day .. just what was needed.

Day 1 ~ June 20th ~ Corner Brook
Corner Brook is a pretty little spot.  Glynmill Hotel is located on Glynmill Pond which use to be part of the pulp and paper mill in the town.  And now the has been turned into green space and walking trails.

Day 2 ~ June 21st ~ Corner Brook & Area
Beautiful country side!!

Day 3 ~ June 22 ~ Plum Point
Wow!! There are some very very interesting landscape in this area and all the places that I went too.

Day 4 ~ June 23 ~ Red Bay, Labrador
Made it to Labrador on this day!!

Day 5 ~ June 24th ~ L'Anse aux Meadows
The earliest recorded name for L'Anse aux Meadows appears on an 1862 French chart as Anse a la Medee (Medee's Cove).

Day 6 ~ June 25 ~ Rocky Harbour
Great Day ending with and Awesome Sun Set.

Day 7 ~ June 26 ~ Gander
Now to Gander Newfoundland.

Day 8 ~ June 27th ~ Twillingate
Travel up to Twillingate and saw the sights ... Great day!!

Day 9 ~ June 28 ~ Bonavista
Beautiful part of Newfoundland.  It reminds me very much of Scotland Highlands!  Very rugged and wild.

Day 10 ~ June 29 ~ Bay Bulls
Boats, Birds and Whales, Oh My!!!

Day 11 ~ June 30 ~ Tour of St. John's
A Short Tour of St. John's ... There are some very interesting places in St. John's!!

Last Day in Newfoundland
Canada Day in St. John's


  1. The Burying Ground in Halifax is really nice. Some very old headstones there. And that whole part of town is lovely. Take up walk up Spring Garden Road and hit the Halifax Public Gardens if you have time. There's a lot of funky stuff in the area around that cemetary. Also check out Argyle and Grafton Streets (in the same area) and you have to take a visit to Biscuit General Store on Argyle. That would be a fun morning or afternoon stroll.

    1. Hi Marlene; have just abt all of those spots on my list but will definitely will write them all down :) I really enjoyed Halifax last time so really looking forward to exploring more :) Thank you :)


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