Abstract Photography Course - Week 2

Week 2's homework is 2 Multiple Exposure Images and 2 ICM Images.  This week has been fun, experimenting, creating and just playing around to see what kind of things fit together.  

Barb's Website: Barb Kreutter Photography 

Definition of ICM: In intentional camera movement (ICM), a camera is moved during the exposure for a creative or artistic effect. This causes the image points to move across the recording medium, producing an apparent streaking in the resulting image.

How to Take Creative Landscape Shots Using Intentional Camera Movement

Image 1:  Ok, this was fun! Love the red, it just jumps right out at ya. Now I did several of these and do like a few but something about the buildings and the truck in the background does something for me!!

Image 2:  Oh what red sticked brushes can create, huh! Found this brushes along the river path and did several shots of them which I am going to play with for textures.  So I have done circles, j's, sideways, but I really like the up and down movement. However, I am guessing it depends on the subject material. I did try the movement & stop technique but I am looking forward to trying it out on some flowers, if we ever get any. 


Definition of Multiple Exposure: In photography and cinematography, a multiple exposure is the superimposition of two or more exposures to create a single image, and double exposure has a corresponding meaning in respect of two images. The exposure values may or may not be identical to each other.

Image 1: I liked the idea of this ... wondering if maybe more than 3 exposures would add more and just make a mess.  Careful if you are planning on doing this ... just about fell over from going around several times LoL 😁

Image 2: Ok, I didn't do this one In Camera. 2 separate images taken at different times combined in Photoshop. This background maybe a bit to strong yet I think?